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I can not recommend Rock Cab Tours enough !

Rock Cab Tours is the best way to see a ton of musically important locations throughout London. Steve is a charismatic tour guide who clearly loves talking about music and makes every stop come alive with interesting stories. He kindly took photographs of us at each stop and what was really cool was that he had photos showing the rock stars in the spots where we were now standing, making us really feel the connection to history. We saw so many cool things on our tour! A huge highlight was how he expertly guided us through the perfect Abbey Road walk recreation. My husband and I loved our afternoon with Steve and it felt like we’d made a new friend by the time it was all over. I can not recommend Rock Cab Tours enough!
Holly and Chris Wagner from Philadelphia
Thursday 23rd February 2023

This is an experience not to be missed!

This larger than life tour will transport you back to a fantastic nostalgic period of time of rock and roll greatness!! Our expectations were not only met but were exceeded in every way possible! Steve is able to create an experience that truly is a gift through his enthusiasm, passion and love for music. His knowledge is unparalleled and we were given a new perspective of the greats Hendrix, Mercury and the Beatles to name a few. Our 4 hour tour flew by and we can’t thank you enough Steve!!This is an experience not to be missed!1
John Balourdos and friends from Chicago
13th February 2023

We had an epic afternoon !

We had an epic afternoon with the owner of Rock and Roll Cab Tours, Steve Channell. From the minute I scheduled the tour he was prompt to communicate , went above and beyond to coordinate with our travel schedule , picked us up on time and showed us many inside secrets to some of the greatest English rock stars. The time with him flew and when we come back to London we will schedule another tour because there is so much history we barely scratched the surface ! We left our time together feeling like we had a new best friend in London !
Lesley Hatfield and family from Atlanta
17th February 2023